Horizon ERP Tutorial

Horizon ERP Tutorial


GST Reports
GST billing software-GST Filing Window
  1. To give date for generating report.
  2. GSTR1 report including,
    • B2B Invoices
    • Details of invoices of taxable supplies made to other registered taxpayers.

    • B2CS Invoice Summary
    • Details of supplies made to consumers and unregistered persons of the following nature;
      a) Intra-state : any value
      b) Inter-State : Invoice value Rs 2.5 lakh or less.

    • HSN Summary
    • HSN wise summary of goods/services supplied during the tax period.

    • Credit Note Summary
    • Credit note issued to the registered taxpayers against invoice will be reported here.,

    • Exempt Sales Summary
    • It shows the value of supplies made under the "Exempted "category.

    • Voucher Summary
    • Details of various documents issued by the taxpayer during the tax period.

      • Nature of document given.
      • Invoice/document series start number.
      • Invoice/document series end number.
      • Total no of documents in this particular series.,
      • No of documents cancelled in the particular series.
  3. To refresh the screen.
  4. Click on Export to CSV.
  5. Click Ok.
  6. List of other GST reports.
    • GSTR2 report including,
      • B2B Supplies
      • Details of invoices of taxable supplies received from other registered taxpayers.

      • B2BUR Supplies
      • Details of Inward supplies received from an unregistered supplier.

      • HSN Summary
      • HSN wise summary of goods /services received during the tax period.

      • Credit note registered summary
      • Credit notes issued by the registered supplier during the tax period but not added by him in his GSTR-1.

      • Credit note unregistered summary
      • Credit notes issued to the unregistered supplier.

      • Exempt supplies summary
      • Declare the value of supplies received under the Exempted category for the tax period.

    • GSTR 3B report including,
      • Outward supplies& reverse charge applicable purchases
      • Outwards inter-state supplies to unregistered dealers
      • ITC eligible inwards supplies

      Note : GSTR1 & GSTR2 reports are saved in local disc C. It can be import to GST offline utility for generate JSON file.

    • Sales tax% wise
      • It contains GST% wise sales reports (CGST,SGST separately).
    • Purchase tax% wise
      • It contains GST % wise purchase reports (CGST,SGST separately).
    • CRN tax% wise
      • GST % wise Credit note report.
    • DBN tax% wise
      • GST % wise Debit note report.