Horizon ERP Tutorial

Horizon ERP Tutorial


Barcode Printing

♦ INVOICE WISE : It will help to print barcode on purchase invoice which will capture all items in that invoice with their quantity.

GST billing software-Invoice Wise Barcode Printing
    • Turn on Print barcode - the button for take barcode print.
    • Set Packing date and Expiry date only if applicable
    • Select label - Big label / Small label
  1. Select Invoice wise .
    • Select supplier from the list and select invoice number from the given box then displayed all items under the selected invoice.
    • Enter the quantity and tick print code in item list.
    • The number of labels printed based on the how much quantity was given.
    • Save : Barcode print will generated at the time of save this entry.
    • Clear the screen

    ♦ ITEM WISE : Generate barcode based on particular items.

    GST billing software-Item Wise Barcode Printing
  1. Select Item Wise
  2. Select item name from the given list.
    • Items filtered by using certain searching criteria's ie.;
      • Category wise.
      • Group wise.
    • Turn on 'list all MRP' for view multiple MRP's of the items.
    • Other functionalities are same as the invoice wise.